Cig-a-like or Vape Pen: Here’s the Best Guide to Help You Choose the Best for Yourself

Long gone are the days when choosing your first vape device was easier than choosing your favourite meal at the Mc Donald’s – understandably, since there were not too many options. But with a wide range of vape devices flooding the market, it is no longer easy these days to pick the right e-cig and liquid nicotine.

Here we round up two of the best electronic cigarettes that are simply great for beginners: cig-a-like and vape pen. We will compare them on every aspect that you would like to know and should know. So, if you are confused between cig-a-like and vape pen, this article is going to help you a great deal in taking your pick.

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Physical specs
Both cig-a-likes and vape pens are designed keeping in mind the preferences of new vapers. They are both compact and lightweight so that you can vape liquid nicotine on and on without getting tired. However, with cig-a-likes, you can vape without attracting unnecessary attention. Short for cigarette-like, they are pretty much similar to regular tobacco cigarettes. They not only look like cigs but also feel somewhat like them – not to forget, they are still a vape device at heart. They are great for ex-smokers who want to be as comfortable with vaping as they were with smoking. They also work for those who want to control their daily nicotine intake.

Vape clouds
Vaping is more about personal preferences. Some of you may be interested in tasting more flavours of e-liquid with nicotine, some may want to enjoy large fluffy vape clouds and others may want to strike a balance between the two. So, if you are one big chaser of vape clouds, you would be left disappointed with cig-a-likes. Vape pens, however, can work for you in this regard. Why, you may ask – because cig-a-likes have less surface area of heating coil which won’t produce enough vapours to put on a stunning vape cloud show.

Major manufacturers are doing everything to make vape devices as easy-to-use as possible. Even cig-a-likes and vape pens have come a long way from the day they were launched. All effort that vape pens ask from you is to refill their tank with liquid nicotine at certain intervals. With cig-a-likes, you don’t even have to do that. They come with pre-filled cartridges which can be easily replaced once they are exhausted. No wonder cig-a-likes offer a whole new level of convenience and make new vapers fall in love with them after one-time use. But this convenience of cig-a-likes comes at the cost of affordability. Buying pre-filled cartridges can hit you straight in the pocket. On this count, vape pens can give you a relief by being relatively cost-effective.

As a new vaper, you would be curious to taste most number of flavours of e-liquid with nicotine on the market. To keep you intrigued and keep experimenting, there is a lot of e-liquids out there. So, it makes sense to expect your vape device to work with every e liquid there is. On this ground, cig-a-likes are most likely to fail. They don’t work with even 1% of e-liquids available on the market. That may be a big put-off for you. Considering this, vape pens can live up to your expectations by giving you the freedom to experiment with different flavours of e-liquid with nicotine.

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