e-cigarettes in Australia

Some Useful Information Regarding E-Cigarettes In Australia

If you want to know more about e-cigarettes in Australia, you have come to the right place! This article is going to go into detail on some important information that is worth knowing when it comes to the paradigm surrounding this trend and its adoption in the lucky country.

Let’s take a look at some fact regarding e-cigarettes in Australia!

They are not considered a legitimate way to quit smoking

The big appeal of e-cigarettes in Australia was that they mimic the experience of a traditional tobacco smoke without the same toxic tar and other carcinogens. People treated these vape pens like there were a miracle new product that would make traditional smoke packets obsolete because of their ease of use and flavour variety.

Well, this was wrong. The explosion of e-cigarettes in Australia has not had any significant impact on reducing levels of smoking adoption, and in fact can be linked to people continuing or starting smoking again.

Basically, there’s no evidence that support people who try to quit smoking with vape pens have any more success. In fact, studies show that people who uses proven quitting methods like slow-release nicotine patches, or just going cold turkey, stay away from smoking longer than those who use e-cigarettes in Australia.

There has also bee significant concern over the way these products are marketed. There is a fear that children will be drawn to the bright colours and ‘culture’ surrounding the use of the pens where users try and compare flavours.

They come in many different flavours

woman with smoke in her mouth

One of the main appeals of this kind of product over regular smoking is that there is a much larger variety of flavour options and experiences out there. For example, you can get flavours that mimic desserts like pancakes and chocolate ice cream for your e-cigarette in Australia.

As mentioned, there has been concern that these flavours can be marketed easily to children. This is why there so much regulation around the sale of these product in this country.

Tips for buying e-cigarettes in Australia

You need to be clever when you are shopping for this kind of product so that you don’t get ripped off.

1.    Look at the different websites

Check out all of the different websites there are out there selling this product. Take a look and compare the about sections of each site to see what the businesses’ values are and whether or not they mesh with what’s important to you.

2. Ask for recommendations


When you’re shopping for e-cigarettes in Australia it’s always a good idea to ask for recommendations from friend or family, in case they know any good providers. It’s always good to get a tip from someone you trust as they won’t send you to a bad provider.

It’s also smart to check out online review sites to see if there are any independent write-ups about the business and their offers. One or two bad reviews can be ignored but many reviews that talk about the same or similar issues is a sign you should go to another website.

3.    Give them a call

Find the phone number of the shop and call them so you can ask them some direct questions about their business and the offers they have. They should be eager to answer your questions about buying e-cigarettes in Australia.

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