Key Services Offered From Local Family Lawyers

A spouse who is looking for the specialist representation of family lawyers has the opportunity to tap into one or more of their key services.

Specialists like Balmain family lawyers cover the full gamut of family law topics, ensuring that an adult who is or has experienced separation from their spouse has their bases covered.

By sitting down and having a private one-on-one consultation at the firm, men and women can outline the nature of the relationship, their current living circumstances, and what they hope to achieve when concluding the matter in a legal sense.

We will detail what services these solicitors offer at a local level, helping to inform community members about the role they play.


family picture being torn apart

Approximately half of the marriages in Australia will end in divorce and although those statistics offer no comfort, Balmain lawyers and other experts who have experience negotiating these tricky waters. From the split of assets to the potential inclusion of a prenuptial agreement, there are stipulations and provisions that will dictate the nature of the divorce. The use of mediation will help both parties reach terms that allow them to live their lives without being consumed by anger or regret. Solicitors in this field will represent their client’s interests throughout each phase of the divorce case.


The ending of a de facto relationship is hard enough to handle in the moment, but it becomes particularly complicated when there is a lack of awareness about rights and entitlements. By engaging family lawyers amid this breakup, women and men have the opportunity to discuss the matter in further detail before outlining a plan. This could very well overlap into other domains that these specialists cover, including divorce for married couples, child custody in Sydney or property ownership. The emotional and practical elements of the separation will be examined in depth before arriving at a suitable solution.

Spousal Arrangements

Sometimes there are cases where a clean break between one partner to the next will leave the other in a desperate situation. Family lawyers will use the Family Law Act as their guide to establishing a payment scheme from one spouse to the next, ensuring that a man or woman who is not in a position to support themselves have that assistance. This is a complex subject because there are complicating factors at play, but it is a service that helps those who are suddenly switching from combined income to a single income situation.

Child Support

mother carrying her child

Young children are always the innocent bystanders in these cases and that is where the aid of family lawyers becomes essential. From alimony payments and custody to visitation rights and the arrangements of home and school life, these discussion points are essential to ensuring their physical, mental and emotional health. This will often be an emotionally charged topic, but parents will have their rights when it comes to how they can raise their children without them suffering the consequences of a separation.

Property Entitlements

While the children are priorities one, two and three in these instances, the ownership of property is commonly the most valuable asset that is on the line. By working with family lawyers, clients have the ability to have their interests represented as assets and liabilities are distributed fairly. Depending on the circumstances and the wishes of the spouses, the value of the property and the debt incurred will be assessed according to overall contributions and living conditions.

The best approach for citizens who are considering the use of family lawyers is to reach out as soon as possible. Time is of the essence in these situations, allowing representatives to plan their blueprint before arriving at a successful outcome for their client.

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